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I’ve been a Dominatrix – MistressMD for 4 years and wrestling for around 2 of those year now. I do not in anyway claim to be any type of professional wrestler but I do enjoy overpowering the opposite sex with my mind, body and my wrestling moves.

Introduced into the wrestling world by my first opponent who continues to support me with new ideas, filming my content for my clips stores and lets me loose to practice on him – I made my Wb270 profile and began taking sessions.

I’ve since met and taken part in Wrestling parties/events at both Monica’s (London Wrestling Arena) and Pippa’s (Manchester Wrestling Factory) and now offer sessions in these two areas, when attending the events or touring those areas. I have also wrestled at Rowley Gym (Oldbury, West Midlands) for their clipsites such as TopCatz and Saw Mixed Wrestling.

My rates are the same as my Domination sessions except I DO offer 15min sessions for wrestling at £50 too. 30mins – £80 and £160 hourly rate (rates are subject to My discretion and will/may change due to nature of booking requested, i.e topless, nudity, sploshing/messy sessions).

ALL sessions require £50 deposit to confirm & hold your slots. Deposits are NONE negotiable and my address details will NOT be disclosed nor bookings confirmed/secured without.

Sessions Include:

Domination, Mixed Wrestling (preferred), Submission Holds, Fantasy – inc WAM, Custom/scripted matches, Trampling, Smothering and Beatdowns.

So.. If you fancy taking me on for any of the above sessions/challenges… then find ya balls, contact me and I’ll see you on the mats!!!

Wrestling Mistress West Midlands